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Company Intro

Anipat Accounting Co., Ltd operates the business of providing comprehensive services about accounting and taxes including accounting and tax service, business registration, auditing, accounting and tax consultation along with salary and social security service.

The company was established and administrated by personnel with knowledge, experience and proficiency in terms of accounting and tax and they are ready to provide services for customers effectively. The Company is determined to provide quality accounting and tax service to support business operation of the customers to be successful in the world with high competition to create a chance of business advancement and bring highest satisfaction and benefit to customers of the Company.


Being the provider of comprehensive accounting and tax service with high quality and efficiency to bring ultimate satisfaction and highest benefit to service users based on principles of morality, fairness and ethics as well as relevant laws.


  1. Provide high-quality accounting and tax services to customers to be in accordance with accounting standard, tax laws and other relevant legislations to bring highest satisfaction and benefit in services that the customers should receive along with worthiness to fee.
  2. Build good organizational culture to unify personnel and enhance knowledge about accounting and tax for them so that they can become good and quality personnel benefiting accounting professional market and the business in overall image.
  3. Administrate works with fairness and accuracy and create services with best validity and impartiality.
  4. Develop understanding and good attitude of entrepreneurs toward responsibility of making accounting and tax affairs in accordance with the specified laws.

Expected Benefit customers will receive from our services

  1. The entrepreneur can pay tax legally and verifiably in a timely manner by recognizing of highest tax saving as specified by law along with proper tax planning.
  2. They will receive universally-standard professional services with emphasis on quality, success and quickness of service by the executive team and personnel of the company with academic knowledge, experience and capability in performing works with up-to-date methods to create a chance of business advancement and to bring highest benefit to customers as the service users.
  3. The entrepreneurs can perceive the overall operation clearly in a timely manner leading to tax planning capability and data utilization as business success indicator. It includes using data to support decision in planning the business approaches in the future precisely.

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