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Accounting service

Accounting Service

Accounting is a process of management about trading transactions such as writing list of trades, categorizing trade, summarizing overall operation as well as analyzing and interpreting data by accountants. The law is regulated that a juristic person has duties to provide correct account in accordance with accounting standard specified on the start date and shall have at least an accountant with qualification and conditions according to law to be the accountant of the enterprise.

Accounting can be divided as 2 main types including

Financial Accounting

It is accounting provided by recoding in accordance with accounting standard or generally-accepted accounting principles such as financial statements, profit and loss statements, cash flow statement, accounting policy and note to financial statements to be reported to outsiders such as investors, creditors, shareholders, government sectors and employees etc.

Managerial Accounting

It is to provide and gather data to be presented to data users that are personnel in the enterprise such as executive director, manager, heads of divisions, head of departments etc. to support planning and controlling operations in an effective way. Some parts of data are derived from accounting including financial and non-financial data such as hours of service, unit number of raw materials etc. Managerial accounting reports are various depending needs of executives.

Anipat Accounting Co., Ltd has personnel with expertise and experience in accounting works that can provide accounting services to bring highest satisfaction and benefit to customers.

Details of accounting services

  • Verifying accounting documents of the customers
  • Recording accounting in accordance with accounting standard with accounting application certified by the Revenue Department
  • Providing general ledger
  • Providing daily journal
    • Daily purchase journal
    • Daily sales journal
    • Daily receive journal
    • Daily payment journal
    • Daily general journal
  • Providing monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements (profit and loss statement and balance sheet) to respond needs of customers
  • Preparing financial statements and other reports related to accounting laws and Revenue Department
  • Other accounting services
    • Providing advices about accounting systematization, document arrangement, document necessity in business for good internal control
    • Registering to be an accountant of juristic person as specified by laws
    • Giving consults via phone/ fax/ and email about accounting and tax

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