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Anipat Accounting Co., Ltd presents various standard and accurate services with goodwill to mid-small enterprises of customers so that they can obtain highest benefit worthily to service costs. With our long experience, the company is attentive to provide services effectively to respond needs of customers.

Accounting Service

Accounting is a process of management about trading transactions such as writing list of trades, categorizing trade, summarizing overall operation as well as analyzing and interpreting data by accountants. The law is regulated that a juristic person has duties to provide correct account in accordance with accounting standard specified on the start date and shall have at least an accountant with qualification and conditions according to law to be the accountant of the enterprise.

Tax Service

Tax payment is duty and responsibility that need to be practiced as a citizen of the country. Apart from natural person that has obligation to pay tax, business organization needs to pay tax as well but its operation is more complicated in details and procedures than tax payment of natural person. Tax is necessary for business owner to study and get understanding because it is involved in business operation directly and it is legally effective toward business operations.

Social Security Service

The business owners need to register as employers with Social Security Office when having at least an employee and register employees as the insured within 30 days from the employment date. When recruiting additional employees, they shall register new employees at any times within 30 days. Besides, the employers have duties to deduct contributions in part of employees at any times of wage payment and submit contributions in employers’ part in equal amount to the employees’ to Social security Office.

Registration Service

Commercial registration certificate can ensure that the enterprise really exists and has permanent establishment. Those with duties to register commercial registration certificate include natural person/ persons (Ordinary partnership) as well as juristic persons founded pursuant to foreign laws with branches located in Thailand that operate commercial business specified by Ministry of Commerce.

Payroll Service

Services of employees’ salary arrangement can enable the service users to reduce compactions in calculating and paying salary to employees in each month. Besides, the service cost is lower than hiring a regular employee to manage salary reducing the leakage of salary data and making wage payment more effective.

Auditing Service

The law specifies that juristic persons shall close their accounting and have it audited by a licensed auditor for preparing financial statements and sign to approve it before delivered to government sector in order to give comments if such financial statements show financial positions, and overall operations of the enterprise correctly and reasonably in accordance with generally-accepted accounting principles.

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