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Payroll Service

Payroll Service

Services of employees’ salary arrangement can enable the service users to reduce compactions in calculating and paying salary to employees in each month. Besides, the service cost is lower than hiring a regular employee to manage salary reducing the leakage of salary data and making wage payment more effective.

The Company will be responsible for managing salary for each employee of customers. The customers have duties to deliver details of each employee related to salary calculation to the company such as salary rate, OT wage, marital status, number of children and deductible expenses etc. as well as deposit money in account of each employee when receiving the salary summary register of employees from the company.

Details of payroll services

  • Calculating salary-wage of employees, OT wage, allowance, provident fund contribution and other incomes of the employees as well as calculating withholding tax, social security contribution and other expenses of each employee.
  • Making Pay Slip of employee in sealed envelope
  • Providing salary summary register by enumerating details by division and individual
  • Making withholding tax certificate (50 Bis) for each employee
  • Assisting employees about annual personal income tax form submission to the Revenue Department.

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