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Registration Service

Registration Service

Commercial registration certificate can ensure that the enterprise really exists and has permanent establishment. Those with duties to register commercial registration certificate include natural person/ persons (Ordinary partnership) as well as juristic persons founded pursuant to foreign laws with branches located in Thailand that operate commercial business specified by Ministry of Commerce.

Registration services are various and contain different procedures and they shall be involved with many government sectors. To facilitate and to make operation run smoothly and quickly, Anipat Accounting Co., Ltd has personnel with knowledge and proficiency in registration works that are ready to provide services to customers effectively, precisely and fast.

Details of registration services

  • Registration of company limited, limited partnership, ordinary partnership, business with individual owner etc.
  • Registration of value-added tax (VAT) service
  • Registration of business cessation- liquidation
  • Registration of employer with social security
  • Registration of expansion- reduction of branches, company’s agents and regional office
  • Commercial registration service
  • Registration of amendment to Ministry of Commerce such as committee, address, capital increase/ decrease etc.
  • Registration of change and amendment to Revenue Department such as notification of move in-out, relocation of business office, change of enterprise’s name and change of business characteristics etc.

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