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Social security service

Social Security Service

The business owners need to register as employers with Social Security Office when having at least an employee and register employees as the insured within 30 days from the employment date. When recruiting additional employees, they shall register new employees at any times within 30 days. Besides, the employers have duties to deduct contributions in part of employees at any times of wage payment and submit contributions in employers’ part in equal amount to the employees’ to Social security Office.

Contribution is money that an employer and employee need to deposit in social security fund within 15th date of following month by calculating from the wage the employee receives and it is determined from maximum salary base at 15,000 Baht. Nevertheless, the government will pay contributions into the fund as another part; in case the employer incompletely deposits contributions, the official has authority to order that employer to pay such contribution completely. If the employer fails to do so, it will be regarded as committing offence in charge of insubordination and it shall be punished.

Details of social security service

  • Calculating monthly contributions to be delivered to Social security office
  • Preparing monthly details of employer and employee contribution (Form SSO 1-10, SSO 1-10/1)   and submit the social security contribution to the Social Security Office
  • Notifying the in-out registration of employees to the Social Security Office
  • Preparing the employer declaration of total number of employees and total wages annual form (Kor.Tor. 20 Kor) and submitting it to Social Security office

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