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Tax Service

Tax Service

Tax payment is duty and responsibility that need to be practiced as a citizen of the country. Apart from natural person that has obligation to pay tax, business organization needs to pay tax as well but its operation is more complicated in details and procedures than tax payment of natural person. Tax is necessary for business owner to study and get understanding because it is involved in business operation directly and it is legally effective toward business operations.

Anipat Accounting Co., Ltd has personnel with knowledge and proficiency about tax that are ready to provide tax service to customers effectively so that they can make correct tax payment and save highest taxes based on suitability and laws. In addition, they can be consultants helping customers to plan about tax in an appropriate way.

Details of tax service

Monthly basis

Preparing tax form to be delivered to the Revenue Department on a monthly basis as well as tax payment submission (If any) such as

  • Withholding tax form of natural person and juristic person (P.N.D. 3, 53)
  • Withholding personal income tax form deducted from monthly wage (P.N.D. 1)
  • Value-added tax form (P.P. 30) and Input-Output tax reports
Half-year basis
  • Estimation the half-year corporate income tax by consulting with entrepreneurs about the estimation result
  • Preparing the half-year corporate income tax return (P.N.D.51) and submitting to the Revenue Department
Yearly basis
  • Calculating annual corporate income tax
  • Preparing the corporate income tax return (P.N.D.50) and submit it together with financial statements certified by the licensed auditor to the Revenue Department.
  • Preparing the withholding personal income tax return (P.N.D. 1Kor) and submits to the Revenue Department.
  • Making annual financial statements with details and deliver to licensed auditors for auditing and certifying the financial statement
  • Providing financial statement form Sor.Bor.Chor.3, list of shareholders (Bor. Aor. Jor.5) and submit them to the Ministry of Commerce together with financial statement certifies by the licensed auditor
Other tax services
  • Preparing the annual personal income tax return (P.N.D.90/91) and submit to the Revenue Department
  • Clarifying tax affairs to customers
  • Training and giving consults to customer’s employees so as to be able to manage complicated and various taxes
  • Giving consults about taxes of the company via phone/ fax or email on business days
  • Giving updated information about changing tax regulation
  • Advice about tax planning so that the entrepreneurs can save tax payment properly in accordance with the law
  • Taking care of and reducing burdens about tax when the customers are contacted by the Revenue Department
  • Operating about tax return from the Revenue Department

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